Developmental Hope

We offer hope for children with developmental problems.

We offer hope for their families to have fully functioning children.



Are you concerned about children who are behind the developmental curve?

Do you want to find and provide solutions for these children?


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I’m sure you want all children maturing normally and naturally. And, I’m sure you want all children growing up and becoming fully functional adults.


I’m positive you want to encourage and support normal development for children.


I’m sure you know that when a child is developing behind the curve, their school system puts them into Special Education.


kid09Special Education is designed to educate children with skills and information, which is great.


But, the problem for these children is that Special Education does not to move children forward developmentally, and the skills they are taught are survival skills for the developmentally disabled.


The reality is that no one seems to know what is required to get these children back on track.


Would you like to be part of the solution for moving these children forward?




kid10So, what can be done to get a child back on track, developmentally? If parents opt for medical or psychological solutions, they will be pressured to put their child on some kinds of medical regimen, which will probably reduce the ‘bad’ behaviors of their condition, but will probably do nothing to move their child forward developmentally.


There has to be a solution for children with these difficulties, which actually moves them forward, developmentally, to become normally developed.


But, Something Is Missing.



Developmental Hope 02The missing strategy has been discovered and proven to put children with developmental problems back on track.

This strategy is not medical, psychological, nor educational.

This strategy is a natural cultural process.


For your information: In France and Germany, the rate of children with these kinds of problems in the population (1-2%) is much less than the rate in the US, UK, and in Denmark (10-20%). But, for those in the fields of Developmental Psychology and Special Education, the cultural differences that make this difference are a mystery.


We call this strategy, this natural cultural process, Developmental Hope. We developed this strategy and have successfully recovered hundreds of children with these kinds of problems. For us, ‘recovery’ is when children catch up to their proper position in the developmental process, lose their ‘symptoms,’ and are moving forward developmentally at the same rate as their peers.




Developmental Hope 03

For more than 16 years, children have been maturing and catching up with their peers because of Developmental Hope.



Few people know what this strategy of Developmental Hope is.

Few people even know that there is any hope for children who are behind the developmental curve. 

If your child has developmental problems, or if you work with children with developmental problems, the experts in most of the modern world expect your child to become an adult with those developmental problems.


And, I’m sure you don’t want this for your child, or for any child.




Developmental Hope 01If  you want to recover children who have developmental difficulties and get those children back on track, sign up below for more information.


We want to show you what you can do to move children forward developmentally, so those children catch up and live a normal life.


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